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“Carl Jung teaches that water represents our emotions” – Estelle Thomson, Painting Under the Sea, 21 Daily Creative Leaps Waves push and pull… Do I want to be pushed to shore where it’s “safe”, or pulled out to sea – the big scary deep unknown? Day 19 of the 21 Daily Creative Leaps is about …

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Whoa! I’ve been blogging for over a month. Whaaaaat? That went FAST! This also means I’ve been #goaldigging hardcore since the end of June. So! To give myself credit for the hard work I’ve been doing, to keep myself accountable for what I could be doing better, and to stay motivated – let’s review!

I got my wedding photos tonight. They made me cry. Many made me squeal with delight. I also cried. I felt beautiful my wedding day, but candid photos don’t lie. “Good god, is that how THICK I am now?” “Is THAT what I look like when I laugh?” “What is WITH my chin?” My now-husband …

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Let’s recap, shall we? I’m on a journey… a journey of self-discovery. I’m hoping you will hop on board my self-improvement bus… not only seeing the scenic views of my travels, but you may also move forward in your own life! My tools for this trip are from my social work education, my therapeutic work …

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