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First off, BlogJam is an awesome blogger event in Atlantic Canada to help us all learn more about anything blogs, blogging, and bloggers related in a super friendly environment.

I’ve had a huge awakening since BlogJam. I’ve always kinda known it about myself… but going to this blogger event truly hit it home.

Folks. I’m a big’ol shy scaredy pants.

Yup. It’s true. Those out there that are reading that know me may actually be SHOCKED to hear this. I am a person that DOES NOT come across as shy. Far from it.

Yet, here I am… missing out on amazing opportunities due to my silly SHYNESS!

I have several examples of this from the past. Many moons ago, I was at the Halifax airport waiting for a flight. Who was there… a mere six feet away from me… but Kevin Smith of Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks, and Mallrats fame. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (squeals like a 16-year-old) If you were a teenager in the 90s like me, Kevin’s stuff had a pretty big cult following. I was starstruck. I sent texts to friends gushing he was so near to me while trying not to stare. I watched people approach him for pictures and he was SO kind, joking around with each of them, posing for selfies.

After all this, what did this fangirl do? NOTHING!

What the heck, Amanda???

Embarrassing 2 gif.gif

I’m still bummed I didn’t get that picture. Sigh.

This weekend at BlogJam I made the SAME MISTAKE! Here I was at this amazing event to network and learn from fellow bloggers… and I was TOO SHY to approach those that I follow and adore! As a blogger myself, I would LOOOOVE for someone to approach me and say “I love your stuff!”. So why not approach these lovely humans and communicate my appreciation of them? Because I’m a chicken sh*t.

I, folks, am a big ol scaredy cat that is afraid of awkward small talk.

shy gif

So. Amanda. Whatcha gonna do about it?

I’m going to approach my fav bloggers in this post and say what I should have said Sunday. It may seem silly to YOU lovely humans that I would be starstruck… but… that’s just the truth of it. Here goes.

Fan girl time:

Kayla from Short Presents – You are the cutest & your energy is wonderful. You are rockin’ this bloggin’ business and I’m super impressed!

Erin from DIY passion – I am NOT a crafty or handy gal, but looooove to see a woman rockin’ power tools. Your work with In The Story House podcast is inspiring.

Jennifer of Simple Local Life – Your Christmas local buying guide has been a go-to for me these last couple of years. LOVE IT! I’m a HUGE supporter of local economics. Well done!

It’s going to be SO HARD next year at BlogJam because I’ve developed so much more blogger crushes! Awkwardly staring at you all from across the room with hearts in my eyes will just be that much more embarrassing.

My workshops with Alison Knott, Taylor Bare, Crystal Picard, Anita Kirkbride, Crystal Richard, and Mel Hattie were AMAAAAZING! I wish I could have gone to ALL THE WORKSHOPS, though! OMG! Thank you to those who have posted and shared your presentations! I HAVE WATCHED THEM ALL! XOXO

I’ve learned so much about blogging. Thank You.

I do want to give myself a wee pat on the back for the fact that I did meet new people at BlogJam (I’m lookin’ at you Kim at HappyPrettyBlog and Kayla at thehummingbird!). You were wonderful. I’ve been hardcore creepin’ your social media and blogs.

Man. So much talent out there! It’s downright exciting!


Me. Talking. Awkwardly. (Photo Credit to Michelle Doucet Photography)


Bloggers in Atlantic Canada – Check out BlogJam next year!

And don’t be like me. Talk to EVERYONE. Get those selfies. Share those Insta stories.

Rock the heck outta it.

celebrating gif

PS – Wanna be my wingperson next year? Help me talk to my blogger crushes? DM me.


Until next time,
Read. Write. TALK. TAKE THE SELFIES. Grow.

16 thoughts on “What I learned about myself at BlogJam

  1. Amanda!!!! I’ll be your wingman! It’s funny because I was going to intriduce myself to you and compliment you on your hair style and awesome jacket!! But…I was too shy!! But next year, Girl!

    1. Awe yaaaaaaaay! Thanks! Us silly shy bloggers. Ridiculous, right?! I can’t wait for the next blogger event to talk to more of you awesome humans in person. 👊

  2. DGGYST says:

    I wanna go!!!!!

    1. Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god! Come! Stay with me! Be a guest speaker!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

      1. DGGYST says:


      2. I’m tots serious. We have comfy digs. It would be FUUUUUN! The BlogJam peeps would ADORE YOU!

      3. DGGYST says:

        Rawwww, go on! hehe!

  3. I feel your pain!! I had these expectations of meeting all these new people (had my fingers crossed to meet more bloggers in the Moncton area) and I ended up not meeting a single person from NB except Crystal of East Coast Mermaids – whom I only spoke to at the end of the day, after hanging around for 20 minutes, waiting for a time to walk up and interrupt a conversation. But in the end, even meeting just one person makes a big difference.
    (Side note: I also wanted to compliment you on your hair and your gorgeous outfit!)

    1. Awe! Thanks lady! 😍
      It’s not easy to socialize in these environments! I’m from Fredericton, FYI. 😄

      1. No way! Well I guess even though the conference is over, it’s still possible to meet lots of new fellow bloggers online! ^_^

  4. It was great to meet you, Amanda! Now I can follow your blog! 🙂

    1. Yaaaay! So nice to chat with you at lunch. 😍

  5. Jen says:

    AMANDA!!! I just read this…and I was thinking…oh my gosh…she’s so right…I’m flattered when anyone says to me “are you SImple Local Life” (although my daughter tells me I responds VERY awkwardly)…LOL! There are a few bloggers I would love a photo with too…but feel weird asking. You are not alone! I’ve been crazy since BlogJam…just starting to get caught up now…but I would TOTALLY be your wingman next year! AND thank you so much for giving me a shout-out…you TOTALLY made my whole morning/day/week!!! I so wish you would have introduced yourself…off to read a few more of your posts..PS. I love this one…and your writing style…(and I’m not just saying that bcause you mentioned me…;) )

  6. Thanks so much for the shoutout! I so loved meeting you and I feel like lots of friendships were made! Can’t wait to hang out again next year! We’ll be old pros!

    1. Until then, we’ll support each other on Social Media like the internet creepers we are. 🤣😍👊

  7. Anita says:

    You’re too funny. So many of us are the same way. I barely met anyone new myself (I was a little under the weather). So glad you came and enjoyed your day. Each year just gets better 🙂

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