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Last week I chatted with y’all about Jane the Virgin, which takes place in Miami. This week, we are headed to Japan. Yup. You heard me. Japan. Terrace House is the CUTEST dang show around. Like. Seriously. KAWAII! JW thinks it’s adorable when I squeal KAWAII over and over during this show – which is funny since KAWAII means cute/adorable/loveable.

Terrace House

This opening song makes my heart sing. Cheesy right? But it really does.

Eight seasons of Terrace House aired on Fuji television. Season Nine (Season One) was picked up on Netflix – Terrace House – Boys & Girls in the City. Three boys and three girls move into a lovely modern home in Tokyo together. They are provided vehicles and a home, but the rest is up to them. There is NO script. When a housemate feels they need to move on, they just up and leave the house and someone new comes knocking the very next day! The turnover makes it interesting!



Sweet Sweet Arman

Some of my favourite things: the Tokyo setting, the Japanese language and the subtitles. It’s rare these days to be forced not to multitask. Watching a subtitled show is an exercise in mindfulness, staying in the present moment, reading/watching/listening.




There was something just pure and simple about this show. It was slow. Quiet. Polite. Romance was on everyone’s mind when they enter the house – but their definition of love was very different than mine. A declaration of love was expected prior to not just kissing, but even holding hands. It’s just the SWEETEST! KAWAII!!!



Tense Moments

There are few conflicts. What conflicts did occur, the housemates sat at the kitchen table together and hashed it out. Politely. The show begins with the housemates asking each other what their goals and dreams are.They support each other and push each other to “do their best”.

The Panel


Baba, Tokui, You, Torichan, Kentaro, Yama

Now. To tell you the BEST PART. The panel. During the show, it cuts to a panel – three guys and three gals. I can’t even describe how hilarious these folks were. Oh man. True LaughOutLoud stuff. There was SO MUCH comedic chemistry here.

The panel was made up of Japanese comedians, actors, popstars, and celebrities. There was a lovely comradery among them, a true feeling that they had history and were friendly outside of Terrace House. I got the impression that Tokui and You dated in the past? Either way, they are incredibly silly together.



Their reactions are PRICELESS!

It’s talent to be able to take very normal daily activities that happen within the house and make it pure entertainment. Their commentary and opinions regarding house members and their behaviour are HILARIOUS.

So! Yea! Terrace House! GO WATCH IT NOOOOOOOW!

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