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Is TV too full of mean people for you? Are you sick of the sexual assaults, adultery, blurred ethical lines, death and destruction? Do you need some FEEL GOOD TV?

Do you ever need to RELAX and bond with your partner/family/roommates? I love to read, but I LOOOVE TV.

JW and I would like to share our FEEL GOOD FAVOURITES with YOU! Welcome to FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS!

Jane the Virgin



Oh dear.

We adored this show. In part, it may have been the timing. We started watching the show when I was (we were) pregnant… aaaand Jane was pregnant (Yes, she was a virgin. Yes, it was a medical mix-up. Yes, hilarity ensued). Then Jane and I were new moms together (Yes, spoiler alert, she has the baby). JW and I both found aspects of her parenting journey validating and downright amusing.

JW found the show JUST as funny and lovely as I did so guys and gals, you will BOTH enjoy this one!


Love these ladies <3

This show was ENTERTAINING and heartwarming. Jane the Virgin was done like a telenovela – hilarious narrator, high drama, silly plot twists, murder, love triangles and soooo much cheese. OH, THE CHEESE!


Team Michael?



Team Rafeal?

The important part is that it was SWEET. The characters were all GOOD. They did dumb, questionable things, but they were all redeemable characters. Like I said, feeel good TV.



The best part was Rogelio. Seriously. He was the best. Rogelio can be described as narcissistic, ridiculous, and the most loving person on the show. I giggled every time he spoke. #hilarious


JW and I celebrating Season 4! Hehehe

The first three seasons of Jane the Virgin are on Netflix (in Canada) and the fourth season is set to be released this October. OMG! WE CAN’T WAIT!!!

Have you watched Jane? What did you think? Were you team Michael or team Rafeal (no spoilers!) 🙂

What are YOUR favourite feel good TV shows?

Until next time,
Watch. Laugh. Relax.
Amanda 🙂

3 thoughts on “Feel Good TV Friday – Jane the Virgin

  1. DGGYST says:

    Girl, totally! I am sure Game of Thrones is a masterpiece, but one rape scene in and I noped the fuck out of there. I’ve been watching “Cheers” but I will give Jane the Virgin a go!

    1. I know, right???? We bailed on Outlander due to the rape… sigh. Pretty hard to feel romantic at bedtime after shows like those. Gah.
      So here’s for FEEL GOOD TV! Yipeeeeee! 🙂

  2. scar says:

    I adore Jane the Virgin. I went back and forth between Michael & Raf… still undecided really!

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