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What a month… My August went by in a BLUR!!! How about you guys?

Aaaaaand… my August goals? Ya. Didn’t go so hot.

I did NOT run 3x a week. I did NOT cook 4x a week at home. I did NOT complete the 30 days of Yoga. I did NOT mindfully walk the dogs 1x per week.

Oh dear.

But wait!!! What DID I do, you may ask? I supported my husband. Sometimes it’s not about MY goals and agenda. While I refuse to be the martyr mother who puts everyone’s needs before her own… I’m also willing to put my stuff on the back burner when necessary.

JW is really into vintage motorcycles. This love runs DEEP in his soul. It’s connected to a nostalgia – childhood memories, neighborhood chums, and teenage dreams – that I can’t even pretend to totally understand. Motorcycles of his youth were for bombing around the woods and for tinkering with when they broke down. I think he loves the tinkering even more than the riding. He loves getting his hands dirty. JW’s two biggest bike loves are his BSA – which he has treasured for many years – and a far off dream of the Triumph Mountain Cub.

Well. He found his cub! How could he pass it up? It was in amazing condition, the story behind why it was for sale was very touching, and the price was sooo right. Dreams come true. I had plans of my own this month. I had things I wanted to do. But my partner, my love, my family will always come first. Dottie and I kept JW company for a week, driving to Ontario to pick up the Triumph and driving back to Nova Scotia. It was a tiring trip with a lot of time in the car, but we enjoyed it all… being together the three of us… sitting quietly, listening to music, sharing deep thoughts, or babbling with Miss Dot. It was joyful.

Sometimes ‘goals’ are put on the back burner and life is meant to be breathed in and enjoyed.


Dottie Roadside in Quebec

We also did significant work on our VW Westfalia camper van this month. Olive needed a paint job. Her front did NOT match the rest of her body. JW, the handy man that he is (so hot) was able to do body work on Olive to fix much of her rust, then we tackled the paint job together. Go team! Spending a day taping around windows, prepping a vehicle for painting, is not exactly my idea of a good time. Yet, pulling that tape off once the paint has dried… enjoying that feeling of accomplishment at a job well done… knowing we did it together… I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Who knew?

While JW’s dreams include motorcycles… this VW camper is my dream. I’m so excited for Dottie to grow up camping all over Nova Scotia, Canada and maybe the world! We’re so proud of the restoration so far. Olive is looking mighty fine!


To be fair to myself – I did make progress in several areas this month. I continued pursuing creativity in my life with watercolour painting. I finished (Yes, Finished!) my private practice registration application! Aaaaand in my quest for meaningful work, I was accepted as a Roots of Empathy instructor and completed my three days of training. If you haven’t heard of the Roots of Empathy program – check it out here. It’s pretty darn amazing and I’m so proud to be a part of it. I hope to do a book review of the Roots of Empathy book by Mary Gordon ASAP! I also signed up for a beginners group at a local CrossFit gym that starts in September. YAY! I can’t wait to join a fitness community.



So OK. I may not have ran this month. I may not have cooked 4x a week every week this month. I may not have completed my yoga goal or taken the dogs for off leash walks 1x a week this month. But I am DAMN PROUD of what I did accomplish this month.

Moral of my story?

Take time to reflect on what you DID accomplish day to day, week to week, month to month. Most likely, you moved forward in ways you didn’t plan… I know I did!

So goals shmoals I say!

Until next time,
Read. Write. Grow. (or just LIVE and Grow!)

5 thoughts on “Goals Shmoals…

  1. DGGYST says:

    Ah yes. I remember seeing your blog and just being blown away by how pretty it is. I put it in my “likes” to read for later and now I am loving your content! yay! You are so full of love and your warmth comes through in your writing, and your baby is beautiful!

    1. Awe, thanks! I’m working hard on not only the content, but the visual aesthetics of the blog. I’ve only used personal pictures thus far (except for some professionally taken family photos), which I’m SUPER proud of. Thanks for the compliments & support! 💖

      1. DGGYST says:

        I followed your beautifulness lol

  2. Jeannie J says:

    …these photos are outstanding. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! JW and I take most of the photos on my blog. I’m proud of that! 📷

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