Read. Write. Grow.

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    Past       Present      Future

The past is always a bit blurry. I feel like I’ve forgotten most of my past, except for flashes of memory… but even those can be distorted. Have you ever spoken to your parents about a childhood memory just to have them exclaim “That’s not how it went!”    Haha… Yup. The past can be tricky that way!

My present is crystal clear, though. My day to day life is totally encompassed with savouring every moment with my daughter Dot. Get? dot dot dot? Yea, clever, right? 😛

My future… my future is a huge question mark. The parenting piece, I’ll figure out as I go in partnership with my lovely husband JW. The hugest unknown of my future is my career. I’ve worked as a helper since 2001… wow, over 15 years! After finishing my BA with a major in psychology, I stumbled upon a job within the mental health field. I loved working in the community with clients so decided to study social work. I’ve delved into the world of child protection, mental health and addictions, the youth justice system, and family therapy.

What I have learned is it’s not always easy to help… Progress is difficult to define or measure. When things do seem to improve though, being part of THAT journey is exhilarating!

While I take this time to focus on my family, I want to continue learning about myself… Maybe I can help others through my own journey of redefining myself within my marriage, motherhood, and meaningful work.

So here’s the plan!

I’m going to read a book every two weeks. Once I’m done a book, I will share within my blog what it was about, what I learned about myself, and committing to a goal to apply what I have learned. I will blog a week into this goal how it’s going – so this could be hilarious in my many failures to walk the talk!  haha But man, you can learn a lot from “failures”, amiright? I’m an avid Instagramer as well, so feel free to follow me and see what I’m up to daily!

Join me in reading, writing, and growing!!!




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