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We’ve been to Miami, Tokyo, and now Danebury!


This show and its treasure hunting metal detectorists takes place in Danebury, a fictional small town in northern Essex, England. The beauty of England is that there truly IS treasure to be found. Is there gold in ‘dem ‘der hills?

Andy and Lance sure hope so!!!

Detectorists 4

“Are you metal detectors?”

“No, my dear. THIS is a metal detector. WE are metal detectorists.”

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Wellness Wednesday has DROPPED!

Let’s talk about Connecting to Flourish, shall we?


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Wellness Wednesday with Amanda

Clear and Caring Communication

I’ve had several incidents in the past month that reminded me of the importance of clear and caring communication – a friend who needed to communicate something important to her family and wanted a bit of coaching, a dramatic breakdown of communication with my husband JW, and my needing to communicate to a dear friend my own hurt feelings after a minor incident.

I was going to launch into communication styles and techniques, which I’m still going to do, but I realized that the FIRST step of clear and caring communication is EMPATHY. While, yes, it’s important for us to communicate OUR needs and OUR feelings – THEIR NEEDS also need to be considered, we need to respect the impact on the other person. We don’t necessarily put their needs before our own, but we should try not to steamroll our loved ones in order to meet our own desires. Continue reading

Last week I chatted with y’all about Jane the Virgin, which takes place in Miami. This week, we are headed to Japan. Yup. You heard me. Japan. Terrace House is the CUTEST dang show around. Like. Seriously. KAWAII! JW thinks it’s adorable when I squeal KAWAII over and over during this show – which is funny since KAWAII means cute/adorable/loveable.

Terrace House

This opening song makes my heart sing. Cheesy right? But it really does.

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Ok. Seriously folks. Is anyone else super tired of the “find your passion” and “follow your dream” crapola?! Does anyone else feel like a big fraud in life because you don’t have a “passion” (except for maybe tacos… people seem pretty pumped about tacos nowadays)? Is your job good enough, it pays the bills, it’s fine? Are you perfectly content with your life – going to work, spending time with loved ones, binging on a TV series, and maybe reading a good article or book from time to time? You don’t have a fire in your belly and you are ok with that – it sounds like indigestion and very uncomfortable, thank you very much. You’re GOOD!


FIND YOUR PASSION! but #SOBLESSED. Practice GRATITUDE, but BE BETTER. Be HAPPY but want MORE happiness while being HUMBLE. Be satisfied, but DREAM BIG!

I’m exhausted.

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Is TV too full of mean people for you? Are you sick of the sexual assaults, adultery, blurred ethical lines, death and destruction? Do you need some FEEL GOOD TV?

Do you ever need to RELAX and bond with your partner/family/roommates? I love to read, but I LOOOVE TV.

JW and I would like to share our FEEL GOOD FAVOURITES with YOU! Welcome to FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS!

Jane the Virgin



Oh dear.

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This is a book review of “Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir” by Anne Bérubé… and I desperately don’t want to insult her. Heck, Anne lives in my area! I think it’s AMAZING that she wrote this book and got published! SO COOL! This is the challenge of reviewing “self-help” books… some are a good fit for the reader… some are not. While Anne’s book was an interesting read and I was definitely moved, her approach to self-discovery just didn’t feel like a good fit for me.


Be Feel Think Do:
Be now with the soul in the body,
Feel now the soul through the body,
Let your soul and your body think,
Let your soul and your body do.
Anne Bérubé, Ph.D.

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Wow. So. I kinda feel like bawling my eyes out after doing this exercise (How to write your own eulogy). Whew.

Powerful stuff!

I do not need a list of accolades regarding my “successes” or “accomplishments” at my memorial. I do not need awards, rewards, medals due to being super duper awesome at something. I realized today, doing this little project, that all of the activities I’ve ever involved myself with – it was because I craved connection: community theater, running, traveling, fitness, parenting drop in groups, blogging. Each of these individual activities have never been my “passion” – because the PEOPLE were my passion.

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