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Happy Holidays!

I am holiday craaaaaazay this year, y’all. The holiday spirit has OVERTAKEN me! I’m in full CHEER mode! But holidays can bring mixed feelings for us all. Holidays are a time for joy, but also grief.

I’ve been shopping for Christmas throw pillows & decor for our mantel and I’m brainstorming about our tree theme this year. I was caught singing along to Christmas music shopping last week with Dot. Like, belting it out! But it’s ok, I was singing to my baby. People forgive mumma’s of young children for singing in stores (hehehe). The Santa parade brought me to TEARS this past weekend – the families surrounding us with their small children, everyone embracing the holiday spirit. It moved me.

I couldn’t help but ask myself – why so excited about Christmas this year, Amanda?

It hit me; there are multiple reasons why this year feels different. Then I cried.

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First off, BlogJam is an awesome blogger event in Atlantic Canada to help us all learn more about anything blogs, blogging, and bloggers related in a super friendly environment.

I’ve had a huge awakening since BlogJam. I’ve always kinda known it about myself… but going to this blogger event truly hit it home.

Folks. I’m a big’ol shy scaredy pants.

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We’ve been to Miami, Tokyo, and now Danebury!


This show and its treasure hunting metal detectorists takes place in Danebury, a fictional small town in northern Essex, England. The beauty of England is that there truly IS treasure to be found. Is there gold in ‘dem ‘der hills?

Andy and Lance sure hope so!!!

Detectorists 4

“Are you metal detectors?”

“No, my dear. THIS is a metal detector. WE are metal detectorists.”

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Wellness Wednesday has DROPPED!

Let’s talk about Connecting to Flourish, shall we?


Clink on the link –

Wellness Wednesday with Amanda

Clear and Caring Communication

I’ve had several incidents in the past month that reminded me of the importance of clear and caring communication – a friend who needed to communicate something important to her family and wanted a bit of coaching, a dramatic breakdown of communication with my husband JW, and my needing to communicate to a dear friend my own hurt feelings after a minor incident.

I was going to launch into communication styles and techniques, which I’m still going to do, but I realized that the FIRST step of clear and caring communication is EMPATHY. While, yes, it’s important for us to communicate OUR needs and OUR feelings – THEIR NEEDS also need to be considered, we need to respect the impact on the other person. We don’t necessarily put their needs before our own, but we should try not to steamroll our loved ones in order to meet our own desires. Continue reading

Last week I chatted with y’all about Jane the Virgin, which takes place in Miami. This week, we are headed to Japan. Yup. You heard me. Japan. Terrace House is the CUTEST dang show around. Like. Seriously. KAWAII! JW thinks it’s adorable when I squeal KAWAII over and over during this show – which is funny since KAWAII means cute/adorable/loveable.

Terrace House

This opening song makes my heart sing. Cheesy right? But it really does.

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